Professional Language Editor

To provide outstanding services, we prefer to streamline our efforts, time, and energy on a conceptual rather than mechanical work of editing. Moreover, we don’t believe in the popular myth that a native speaker is a definite master of his or her language. Just think of people born and raised in your country and ask yourself whether their writing is always flawless and if they are really familiar with all the intricate grammar rules, or post a grammar-related question on the internet and watch the native speakers arguing over what the correct answer is. Now think about the credibility of any company that tries to convince you that they have experts in your field who miraculously happen to be also outstanding proof-readers and editors. We would like to meet such well-rounded renaissance men ourselves!

While we guarantee that our drafts will meet high standard of written English that will be sufficient to get you a place at your university of choice, only a language expert (and not just any native speaker) with relevant educational background and professional experience will ensure your SOP / personal statement / reference letter to be indisputable in terms of language. Upon your request, we will send your SOP / personal statement / reference letter for proofreading to such a person with whom we collaborate. Nevertheless, while we do offer this as an add-on service, we honestly believe that it is not necessary for a compelling, top-notch SOP / personal statement / reference letter that will make you stand out from other applicants.

Price 50 USD

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