Constructive Critique

If you are strongly confident about your draft and feel that you do not need an editing support, but still would like to make sure that it is the best it can get, you can request a Constructive Critique service. In this service, we will go through your draft and provide you with a commentary on how it can be improved.

In the process, we will first look at a big picture to see whether your narrative is compelling and if anything more can be squeezed out of your life story and your experiences that could make your piece even more appealing. Perhaps we will find a new way of looking at your life and experiences and this will enable you to further elevate your SOP beyond what you have imagined. Or maybe we will see connections in your material that you have not been aware of yourself. In addition to this, like in the Standard and Premium Services, we will also put your draft under a rigorous scrutiny to check whether all paragraphs and sentences within them are logically connected with one another.

Through this two-level, macro- and micro-analysis of your draft, we will give you a constructive feedback that will help you to improve your material in line with the three core objectives in our work: compelling, inspiring, logically rigorous.

Price 20 USD / 250 words

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