Tailoring Service

We understand that you may be applying for not just one but a number of universities and degrees. With this in mind, we offer revisions to your SOPs / personal statements to tailor them to a particular university and major. Sometimes it can be just about reducing the length of your SOP / personal statement / reference letter from, let’s say from 1000 to 500 words. However, universities may also have specific requirements for the SOP / personal statement format that you should closely follow and these may require a more fundamental re-working of your draft.

This apart, bear in mind that each university is unique in terms of philosophy, values, and research expertise. Therefore, even though it does not specify particular format for SOP or personal statement, you may want to emphasise different aspects of your profile or tell your story from a different perspective in order to match it with the university’s or faculty’s philosophy, research expertise, and values. Generic SOPs / personal statements where you only change the name of a university or professors may not work. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to think strategically about each application you make.

Price Since it is hard to estimate the scope of changes required to tailor your narrative to a particular university, we can only offer a price estimate once knowing which university you want to tailor it to.

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