Our Story

We are a team of two creative and quality-oriented researchers passionate about using our experience in higher education sector and our writing skills to help promising students and researchers in elevating their individual potential and future careers.

We have been successful in running for several major research positions, most notably the FP7 ITN Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions – Europe’s most prestigious research training programme. In addition, our team comprises of a PhD graduate from one of the top business schools in the UK (University of Strathclyde) who also has experience of studying and research work in Sweden and Belgium. The other team member is a graduate from South Korea’s leading educational institution, Korea University.

The idea to start this project emerged from the need to do something creative beyond our research work. At the same time, maintaining our research activities means that our livelihoods are not entirely dependent on this particular project. This gives us a sense of comfort and professional autonomy which distinguish us from larger, purely commercial companies that offer supposedly similar but, in fact, qualitatively different services.

While other businesses commonly use subcontracted editors to process as many clients as possible in a pursuit of higher profits, we prefer to take care of all the things ourselves. A subcontracted editor will possibly never fully identify with the SOP assigned to him or her by a company.  At the end of the day, these are just work assignments that are not entirely of his or her own choosing. Even if they appear to be, there is always the economic imperative which constrains the freedom of full-time editors to be selective when choosing students that they want to work with, for example those whose stories truly inspire them. Consequently, students become reduced to clients.

In contrast, at Mission Admission we grant ourselves a comfort of deciding whom we are going to work with. Each request from a student is considered individually depending on our assessment of a fit between, on the one hand, the specific needs of a particular student and, on the other hand, our interests and expertise in a particular field of study as well as the time we have available at that moment. We only take on work that we are confident in and in which we are going to thrive. Therefore, our relationship with SOPs, personal statements, and recommendation letters that we write is uniquely intimate.

Of course, such way of working is more demanding. But we insist on doing things this way because we are two creative perfectionists who do not compromise on quality. At the same time, we focus on the ‘big picture’, the holistic image that your SOP, personal statement or a motivation letter conveys, instead of getting drowned in not uncommonly meaningless details. Even the most linguistically polished material will not take you far if it has no spark that ignites the imagination and the heart of a reader. What we aspire to do is a conceptual not a mechanical work of editing. We want to create compelling narratives of individuals; narratives that speak to readers, capture their minds and, at the same time, are logically rigorous in a sense of all elements of your story being connected into a coherent structure that makes reading your SOP a memorable experience.

Because of this philosophy behind the Mission Admission project, we simply cannot take care of every student’s application. If you think you can benefit from our expertise, please drop us an e-mail and tell us how we can help you. But, as explained previously, this service is our creative passion that we do outside of our regular research work and we would like to keep it this way rather than simply seeking profit and turning what we do into a meaningless routine. Thank you for respecting this and showing your understanding if we happen to refuse your request. In return, we promise full commitment to every work which we decide to take on in line with Our Values.