Standard Service

This service comprises of three key features. First of all, on one level it is perhaps closest to what you would get from other editing companies. Specifically, the Standard Service is about making your story more compelling and readable. It comprises of identifying phrases and words which lack clarity and suggesting how they can be improved, rewriting awkward sentences, enriching your vocabulary, improving overall clarity, correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.

More importantly, however, it involves identifying ways of increasing your story’s integrity by building a more logical flow of argumentation. From our experience, even the most confident English language users can benefit substantially from this service, especially that having been immersed in writing a story of yourself and your life, you may take certain things for granted. However, what appears logical to you may not necessarily be so obvious to someone else. Hence, a particular feature of this service is that each sentence of your draft is put under a rigorous scrutiny to check whether all sentences and themes brought up by them are logically connected with one another. The same test is then performed on paragraphs to check whether they are internally coherent within and well-connected with neighbouring paragraphs. However, please note that while the Premium Service makes appropriate changes to ensure that all sentences and paragraphs are logically coherent, the Standard Service only identifies and suggests areas for improvement that you will need to work on by yourself. However, should you need assistance in actually implementing these improvements in your final draft, you can use one of our Add-ons.

Finally, the Standard Service includes also a commentary on the overall structure of your piece that will help you to look at it from a different perspective and think of perhaps better ways of narrating your unique story.


  • one round of revision which allows a student to requests minor changes (i.e. wording and phrasing) that do not include new material.

* However, please be aware that any changes may have a negative impact on the flow of your draft and may necessitate other changes in the structure of the SOP or paragraphs within it. Should they emerge, we will identify such problems for you but fixing them is not included in the Standard Service. Alternatively, you can use one of our Add-ons (i.e. Reviews) to assist you with this.

  • feedback, critique, suggestions for improvement.
  • in addition to your new SOP/Personal Statement/Recommendation Letter, you will also receive a file called “Notes for guidance” which will guide you through the main changes that we have made and explain the rationale behind them. It will also include recommendations for how your material can be improved.

Lead time

It normally takes 3 working days for Standard Service. However, please familiarise yourself with our writing philosophy and Our Values with regard to time. Moreover, since the Mission Admission project is not our major work, we will estimate the lead time after having reviewed the documents that you will have sent us.


40 USD / 250 words
30 GBP / 250 words