Our Values

Writing is our passion. In this passion, we are guided by a set of values which make our work more fulfilling, help us retain the excitement with our daily tasks and guard the underlying philosophy behind the Mission Admission project which we explain in Our Story section. Below you can find out more about these values. Please familiarise yourself with them as they are the essential core of our services.

Respect the Time

Ideas need time to mature. Especially the creative ones. As put by Walter Benjamin, ‘Speech conquers the thought, but writing commands it’. Thus, writing is a process that takes a life of its own, paving ever new directions for our ideas. As a result, a paragraph that reads very well on one day may not necessarily please us the next morning. Therefore, we do not believe in ‘24h service’, ‘rush service’ or other ‘emergency’ writing offered by many companies. Writing is a creative process that takes time.

Compelling. Inspiring. Logically rigorous.

The aim of the Mission Admission project is to provide not technical work pertaining to language but a more fundamental conceptual work in which we design a compelling picture of you as a student capable of pursuing the course of study that you are applying for. From our experience, we have learnt that truly compelling personal stories told through statements of purpose, motivation letters, reference letters, and other application materials need to have two key ingredients: they have to be both inspiring and, at the same time, logically rigorous.

Therefore, at Mission Admission our aim is to make your previous experiences, education, life choices, aspirations, and interests come together in one accord, intersect, and resonate with one another in a logically coherent way thus conveying a holistic and an inspiring image of you to a reader. To achieve this goal, we look for the key theme(s) in materials that you provide us with and, having identified them, we link them with your experiences, skills, and goals throughout the SOP / personal statement / recommendation letter with a strong emphasis on logical rigour of your sentences and paragraphs. A simple chronological structuring of SOPs or personal statement is not always, if ever, the best way to spark the hearts and imagination of the university admissions. We will help you develop a more captivating narrative that suits your individuality and your unique experiences.

Not proofreading but crafting your narrative.

To restate, we believe that motivation letters, statements of purpose (SOP), reference letters, and all other materials included in your application should come orchestrated to convey a compelling narrative about you as a potential student. Although correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and syntax are all important aspects of writing and, therefore, are covered by our services, they will not help you stand out from hundreds of other well-prepared candidates in the highly competitive university admission process. Being aware that you are not an English native speaker, universities abroad do not expect you to be a flawless writer. In fact, believing so is a common mistake that may be counter-productive in terms of raising suspicion that someone else has written your application. What you need to do instead is to catch their interest and sympathy with an honest but inspiring and, at the same time, well-balanced, logical and coherent piece of writing.

 Personalised Approach

With all the above in mind, our services take a personalized approach aimed at crafting a powerful and outstanding academic profile that will help in conveying your passion and potential to admission offices at universities of your choice. It will do so in a manner that is engaging and captivating yet not over the top.