Premium Service

This used to be our standard service but, having realized how time- and energy-consuming it was and that we were virtually the only company out there providing this kind of service, we had no choice but to raise the price in order to keep this standard available to students. What has to be emphasised is that this service is not a mechanical work pertaining to language but a more fundamental conceptual work in which we design a holistic, coherent, and compelling picture of you as a student capable of pursuing the course of study that you are applying for. This is about making your experiences, education, choices, aspirations, and interests come together in one accord, intersect, and resonate with one another. To achieve this goal, we look for the key themes in materials that you provide us with and, having identified them, we link them with your experiences, skills, and goals throughout the SOP / Personal Statement / Recommendation Letter. A simple chronological structuring of SOPs / Recommendation Letters is not usually the best way to spark the hearts and imagination of the university admissions. We will help you develop a more captivating narrative.

Do not feel intimidated if you feel as if you do not have a good enough draft. For this service, you can send us a more loosely structured story about you. Don’t worry if you haven’t found your leitmotif just yet: it’s our job to do it! We do not want to boast but we can do magic.

Nevertheless, in cases where we see that your draft already has reached this level of sophistication and has a convincing narrative to which we cannot add significantly more, we will suggest to you that Standard Service is sufficient. Normally we can estimate what service you can benefit from based on the materials that you send us.

Like with the Standard Service, each sentence of your draft will be put under a rigorous scrutiny to check whether they are all logically connected with one another and that they make up coherent paragraphs, which will in turn lead to a coherent and compelling SOP / PS / Recommendation Letter. Wherever possible, we will make changes to sentences and paragraphs to ensure a better flow but if important information is not clear or missing, we will instead highlight it for you and suggest how it can be improved. All this will provide a constructive feedback included in our “Notes for guidance” which will guide you through the main changes that we have made and rationale behind them. It will also include recommendations for how your material can be further improved. If you’d like us to assist you with implementing these improvements, this is when add-ons like ‘Reviews’ can be used.


  • one round of revision which allows a student to requests minor changes (i.e. wording and phrasing) that do not include new material.

* However, please be aware that any changes may have a negative impact on the flow of your draft and may necessitate other changes in the structure of the SOP or paragraphs within it. Should they emerge, we will identify such problems for you but fixing them is not included in the Standard Service. Alternatively, you can use one of our Add-ons (i.e. Reviews) to assist you with this.

  • feedback, critique, suggestions for improvement.
  • may include alternative versions of paragraphs (especially the introduction).

Lead time

It normally takes up to 7 working days for Premium Service. However, please familiarise yourself with our writing philosophy and Our Values with regard to time. Moreover, since the Mission Admission project is not our major work, we will estimate the lead time after having reviewed the documents that you will have sent us.


50 USD / 250 words
40 GBP / 250 words