You should use your SOP to tell a compelling and inspiring narrative of how your previous experiences have brought you to where you are and how they will enable you to succeed in your future studies. To do this, you need to step back and get a greater perspective on your life so far. Unfortunately, it is easy to lose readers in too many details and rather than letting them be carried by a current of your engaging narrative you may end up making them drown in it.

This is where your Resume / CV comes in handy as it allows you to say what you couldn’t or even shouldn’t include your SOP or a personal statement. Moreover, it allows you to bring out and emphasise those of your achievements and experiences that might get unnoticed in lengthier writings. If you use it wisely, Resume / CV will be a powerful tool that can significantly advance your application.

Mission Admission can help you to decide what you should and should not include in your Resume / CV with consideration to your individual profile (i.e. past experiences and achievements) as well as the profile of your university, department or major. In addition, we will also help you find the best way of structuring your previous experiences, education, and achievements so that your Resume / CV brings out the most relevant features of your profile depending on the major, department or a university you are applying to. Finally, we will look for the most appropriate graphic design for your Resume / CV to ensure the highest level of clarity.

All in all, it is important that all documents submitted in applications for studies, scholarships and grants are not only consistent but that they also resonate with and fill up each other thus projecting a holistic profile of you that is not only compelling and inspiring but also logically rigorous. Our Resume / CV services will help you achieve exactly this.


  • developing appropriate categories for structuring your Resume / CV according to your individual circumstances
  • tailoring your Resume’s / CV’s structure to the major, department, and university you are applying to
  • clear graphic design
  • recommendations for further improvements of your Resume / CV (in a separate file ‘Notes for Guidance’)
  • correcting spelling, grammar and syntax errors


150 USD / Resume
115 GBP / Resume



In case you need assistance with making further changes in your Resume / CV, you can make use of the Revisions service in which you can ask us to make amendments or add additional information to your documents.


15 – 30 USD / Resume
10 – 25 GBP / Resume